The Hill Rogers portal is a secure online client exchange, which allows file sharing and digital document signing of your financial records.

You will receive a welcome email from a Hill Rogers staff member, which will prompt you to provide a unique login code and register a password.

You can conveniently and securely store, access and share files with Hill Rogers via the internet. You can further interact with Hill Rogers via file conversations and update your own contact details through the portal.

Digital document signing allows you to electronically sign PDF documents, such as Income Tax Returns, Financial Statements, Resolution and Minutes by registering your personal identification. It is done by simply dragging and dropping the electronic signature on the document. It will then be automatically returned to Hill Rogers. The signed documents are independently verified by our portal service provider and contain an encrypted digital fingerprint of the signature.

The portal is securely hosted by our portal service provider, Nimbus Portal Solutions. The service is hosted in regional data centres and data transmissions occur over encrypted channels. The files are stored with state of the art encryption technology and replication across multiple data centres. Nimbus staffs are not able to view or access any files.

If you forget your password, you may reset it.
Go to the Nimbus Client Login page

  • Enter your Login Code
  • Click the Padlock icon (forgot password icon). If you have changed your login code from the default (which is your email address), the system will ask you to verify your email address. You must enter the email address that is stored in your Nimbus system. If you do not, the system will display the error “Sorry, we are unable to verify your email address”. If you have NOT changed your login code from the default, the system will then send you a “Reset Password” email. When you receive this, click the link “Reset Password”, and you will be able to add a new password and then confirm that password.

If you forget your login code:

  1. Contact your Nimbus Portal supplier (your Accountant etc) and request a new “Welcome Email”
  2. The “Welcome Email” will contain a link which will allow you to set your Login Code again, and will allow you to set and confirm a new password.